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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To be "Prepared," what else is there to carry aside from a cellphone and a wallet with cash and credit cards?

Hell, I dunno.  Self defense is always a consideration, but some folks won't carry a gun;  many venues prohibit guns, knives, and defense-sprays.

Aside from personal defense items, I routinely carry ear-plugs (in the round container; my past life involved horrendously noisy construction / industrial sites) a lighter (I have found lighters to be preferable to matches for starting a warming fire), flashlight (handier than most folks could ever imagine), spare change in a coin-purse (parking meters, quick snack from a machine, damn toll-booths before IPass was created), and the most politically correct multi-tool / pocket knife I could find (albeit not allowed in any courthouse that I know of ... may be illegal to possess anywhere in NYC).  

Other than handguns, wallet, and cellphone, the above covers my basic everyday carry; I do make adjustments based on situational possibilities.  As always, your tastes and needs may differ.


Unknown said...

Dental floss. Don't laugh, it is a multi-purpose tool. One would be hard pressed to discover just how many common uses for the garden variety floss.

"Zack" said...

Oh heck ya! Why not? Heh! Doesn't take up hardly any pocket space. Good idea ...