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Monday, October 22, 2018

This election is OVAH!

Over, at least for me.  DONE DONE DONE!

Yeah, I know that I was going vote at the end of last week BUT I did not notice until the last possible moment before I left the house that the only early-voting-site was at the Lake County Courthouse in beeeeeoootiful downtown Waukegan.   I decided to wait until this week when the closer early-voting-sites became available.  The last thing I expected to see at the polling place was a line ... WOW ... lots of folks ... lots and lots and lots ... 


Anonymous said...

H Zack
It's been a while. With all the Democrat craziness going - can you "call it"?. Any opinion on whose going to win this? Hope for all our sakes (even us Brits) that this supposed blue wave does not happen!


"Zack" said...

Yo JonT!!

It's crazy all over, isn't it? Party time! Where's the Kentucky Bourbon and the Cuban Cigars? Let's get drunk on quality spirits and all smoked up on some good old fashioned tobacco. Yeeee haaa! Pull up a chair on the front patio and we'll light a bodacious fire to chase away the autumn chill.

At our age, all of this batshit craziness is far more amusing than it is worrisome.

It is absolutely great to hear from ya! Hang in there man. Lock and load when able.