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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Colt Delta Elite

If the world allowed me one handgun, a choice of a revolver or a pistol, it would break my heart and give me fitful anguish making a choice.

I would want it to be versatile, with possible use as a hunting gun, carry gun, and home defense gun.

I have long been a fan of the
1911 system as a platform for different calibers. One of my favorite blasters is the Colt Delta Elite, chambered for the 10MM auto. There are hunting loads and personal defense loads available for the 10MM. My favorite load is the 175-grain Winchester Silvertip, reliable and accurate in my particular gun, not the upper end of potential power for the 10MM but still very substantial.

Yeah, if I had to live in a one-handgun world, this may well be my choice. Then again, if the one-handgun world allowed me to keep a few rifles and shotguns I would probably choose a 1911
.45ACP over the 10MM auto.

CLICK HERE to clear your fear of Delta Elite frames cracking.



Dean Speir said...

Interesting pistol, important mostly for the fact that it kept the 10mm cartridge (Norma version) alive between the demise of the Bren Ten and the Fall 1988 announcement of the FBI's adoption of the chambering (in the reduced velocity edition).

More interesting was Colt's solution to the frame-cracking from the higher pressure original specification cartridges. It was almost Biblical: if thy slide stop hole is fracturing, remove that "bridge" and make it a slide stop notch.

Ingenious… and it worked!

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Silly me called Colt to complain that there was something "different" about the frame on mine. It took them a while to find someone who could understand what I was blathering about. He patiently explained why there was a cutout. I then felt guilty for wasting their time with my call; one of the countless times I thought I knew more about guns than I really did.

dmurray said...

I fell for it too. I bought Norma 155 gr and 180 gr and were they hot! I called it, ".41 Magnum Rimless Short." Mine hurled the front sight blade downrange and darn near ejected the plunger tube from the left side of the frame. Both repaired by the factory before I traded it away. I wish I had that hammer on all my semi auto handguns, though.

I was broken in on 158 gr SJHP WW-Super head stamp Winchester 357 magnum and the Norma 10mm had my undivided attention. Both were highly inspirational, but let's use both hands on a rifle with a bottle neck round if you have any choice in the matter.

Thanks for the chance to comment

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thank YOU for your comments; they put a smile on my face.