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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gun Holsters

Several hits to the Google Blogger version of this site used keywords indicating a search for holsters. Search engines often return everything except what people are looking for, so on the left-hand side of the Google blogger page I now list over forty sources for gun holsters, sometimes searched as “gun leather.”

Very few areas of this country allow open carry of a handgun, so if you want to strap on a gun and holster to parade around in public you had better know what the law in your area allows.

With the exceptions of the states of Wisconsin and Illinois, it is possible for law-abiding citizens to qualify for a concealed carry permit that allows public carry of a handgun, provided no one discovers you are carrying it. Should you accidently flash the gun and holster, or display a telltale gun-bulge under your clothing, you face arrest and loss of your carry permit. Choice of truly concealable handguns and holsters is imperative. If you have the body-frame of Clint Eastwood, carrying a full-frame S&W .44-magnum may be easy. Most find pocket or purse carry of a Seecamp or similar size pistol much easier to manage. The above photo shows an S&W J-Frame revolver in a deluxe Gaylord 8-ball pocket holster, designed by the legendary Chic Gaylord in the 1960s, today made by the well-respected holster maker Lefty Lewis of Bell Charter Oak. If you are restricted to a wheelchair and need a holster that fits your special needs, Lefty has some designs for you too.

Most holster makers offer goods that will last a lifetime, and a very few such as Matt Del Fatti offer custom leather that is nothing short of artwork.

I hope you find what you seek. Stay safe.

James A. Zachary Jr.


Mike Stollenwerk said...

"Very few areas of this country allow open carry of a handgun . . ."


Must not be livin' in the USA.

Only 6 states ban the open carry of handguns. See more at

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the visit and for the informative website.