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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glock 17

Aside from a zombieclipse or other such calamity requiring a handgun with max firepower, the best reason that I can give for my owning a Glock 17 is because it is an affordable, durable, reliable, wickedly fun plinker. 9MM ammo was once dirt-cheap and few things were more fun and inexpensive than an afternoon blasting away with the G17. It is an easy pistol to shoot; most new shooters who I spent time with could readily put all of their first shots near point of aim. A full standard magazine of 17-rounds along with a 33-round extended mag reload holds the contents of a full box of 50-cartridges. New shooters loved emptying the mags but universally hated refilling them.

The Glock 17 is surprisingly light until you tank up the magazine with cartridges. Even with a fully stoked mag, I wouldn’t consider the pistol a burdensome carry. Inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry of Glock pistols does not work for me; I wear blue jeans that are too tight to squeeze in a thick Glock, at least comfortably. IMHO, holsters are essential for all handguns. Something as cheap and simple as the old Brauer Brothers nylon holster in the above photo can keep the pistol from sliding down the leg of your baggy gansta pants when you are out for a night of clubbing with your posse. Tucking an un-holstered pistol into your waistband may be macho and culturally cool but it is fraught with all kinds of unpleasant possibilities including an explosive sex change. NOTE: When holstering any handgun (not just Glocks) care must be used not to catch the trigger on a finger, shirttail, jacket drawstring, or any other items reported to contribute to negligent discharges.

For range blammunition, I will shoot any quality 9MM ball ammo that I can find on sale. A month or so back, CTD had my preferred defense hollowpoint selling for near the price of quality ball ammo of other major brands.


Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Interesting write-up. I may have to check one out sometime.

J. Wilson said...

Well written! I couldn’t agree more. Even though I love my S&Ws and Colts I must admit that my 17 is a cheap AND fun gun to shoot. And given current ammo prices it is the cheapest (centerfire) to shoot too...