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Monday, July 11, 2011

Final Notice of Eviction


Friday morning I noticed the Lake County Sheriff squad parked in my eastside next-door neighbor’s driveway. Posted on the door was the notice of eviction; my neighbor has to be out by this Wednesday. To say that my neighbor is at the end of his rope is charitable; the man is devastated. The co-pay portion of the medical bills from his sick wife has left him hopelessly in debt and, now, homeless. He is looking for some place to go but with his credit in shambles, he is swimming against the tide. How does a 67-year-old man start his life over? His combined pension and social security income was no match for the surprises that dusted his retirement years. His wife is still sick, his daughter and granddaughter still need help, and his own health is deteriorating from the burdens he carries.

This will be a busy week for me. I need to help this neighbor move before Wednesday morning, but come morning light today I have to be at the bank in order to try to keep my brother in-law from also losing his house. (NOTE: the monetary loan is minimal and secured by me taking some of his guns and other items as collateral; I do not co-sign for anyone).

In any case, the cold cruel word still sucks. Of the three houses that border my property, two will be vacant from foreclosures (the house behind me has been vacant for a year now). Of the three financial tragedies that have been inside my personal space this past twelve months, one victim was white, one was black, and the other was Asian. Banks are NOT your friends; they are indiscriminate, unforgiving businesses that thrive on the penalties you pay for making mistakes and suffering misfortune. Anyone believing that a government programs exists to provide salvation is a delusional fool. Folks, when it comes to survival, whether it is physical or financial, you are on your own. Prepare for the worst because it can happen to you… and few souls, if any, will so much as care.



Helene Burnett said...

Sad commentary on our economic hard times.
Smart of you to take collateral on the loan you're making. We're finally collecting (slowly) on a loan made five years ago. No more loans without something to hold.
We're doing better than some, because we can live partially off what we produce, and what our son hunts. Can't imagine how we'd do in the city on teacher retirement. Here you contribte to the teacher retirement fund and kiss anything you put into Social Security goodbye. Teachers in TX can't access their SS retirement money.
You're a good man, Zack, helping others when you can. Nice to know folks like you.

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Too True Zack. We are living in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Well said.

And the chorus of government singers, led by the man behind the curtain, sings: "There is no need to panic. Everything is wonderful. Pay no attention to the national devastation going on around you. Continue on working and don't forget to pay your taxes because your Congressmen needs his retirement and kickbutt medical insurance."

El Fisho

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is our National Song which is being heard everywhere.

Our government has no plans to fix this, because it is part of their ultimate plan to control the people by making them dependent upon the State. When there are more people on the government dole than there are working people who pay taxes to support them, there will be hell to pay, and that time is upon us.

God save our Republic from its domestic enemies which our stupid electorage has empowered...

Jason said...

You are a good man.

Wilson said...

You are a good man… and unfortunately this sort of thing becomes more common by the day…