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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New York State kills CoBIS after discovering that it only solves crimes on the TV shows.

I don’t watch much TV but my wife is a rabid fan of TV dramas with names something like Law and Boredom and CSI Wherever.  Whenever there is a shooting on these TV shows, the evidence techs grab casings from the crime scene and INSTANTLY know the history of the weapon.  Halleluiah!  What a wonderful world we live in!



How true! My wife watches those shows too.

There was a hilarious cartoon a few years ago, I think in the New Yorker, where a bored husband reposes on the couch with his wife on one side and the remote in his hand. He asks his wife: "Do you want to watch someone build something, fix something or cook something?"

That cartoon pretty much sums up the sad shape of cable programming. Seems like there was more to watch back when we only had five or six channels in those ancient "pre-cable" days.

Glenn B said...

Hmm, I went to the link you provided that described CoBIS. So, if I had hypothetically received a firearm driect from the manufacturer (though my ex-employer) and the box contained a pistol and a small manila envelope containing a shell casing, then was I supposed to do something with that envelope and shell casing? LOL! I wonder if I still have the envelope?

Wilson said...

Wait, are you saying the world doesn’t work like TV???