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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The right to vote for 18-year-old U.S. citizens

The 26th Amendment was a success due to American grassroots hope-and-change politics at its finest.  I lived that ancient history.   I was there.  Things back then were certainly no less contentious than they are today; “politics” does not come from the word “polite.” 

I was older than 18 but younger than 21 during the 1972 Presidential election.  For me, that first vote was a serious obligation; it was also sweet and exciting.  Since then, I continue to feel that voting is an awesome responsibility but, like the thrill of a first kiss, the blush has faded to sepia over the years.  Still, I go in with the attitude that my vote may be the decision maker in a tight election.  Call me delusional, but I feel that our elected federal, state, and local officials are the EMPLOYEES of the citizens and WE control their hiring and removal; they are not the brains for the people, they are the voice of the people.  Voter apathy is the confederate of the corrupt and inept in government; look no further than Illinois for evidence.  If you are looking for a revolution, head on over to the polling place and plant the seed.

At least in this area, early voting starts in about a week and you can count on me being there.  My eyes have glazed over from so many years of reading the pro and con; I have put in my due diligence and I am ready and qualified.  For me, this campaign is over.