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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I am shocked to hear that Hillary lied. There must be some mistake ... or a conspiracy ...

"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was called out Tuesday for an attack she levied against opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying his state of Vermont supplies “per capita” most of the guns used killings and other crimes in New York some 350 miles south."
Well, I suppose it is ever possible that she was trying to tell the truth and then remembered at the last moment that the truth never got anyone elected.  
Perhaps she can call in some favors and convince the New York Attorney General to use RICO against Bernie for something or another.


Lisa Lane said...

The Hill telling a lie.... she doesn't use email either, she left her husband over a cubano...he he....cigar that is, and she answered those crucial callS for help from our boys/men in Benghazi...Hillary lie...say it ain't so!

Lock her up and melt the key down...don't throw it away...fill the hole in the lock with friggin molten iron...never let her see sunshine again.

James Zachary said...

... but ... but ... it's her TURN to be POTUS!

Lisa Lane said...

OK..then how bout this Putur Outta The United States that works for me!