Photo above is my Great Great Grandfather, Civil War Veteran, Company C, First Kentucky Cavalry, U.S.

Mom and Dad had antecedents on both sides of that bloody conflict. Counties were split, towns were split, and families were split. It was never as simple as being the north versus the south.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Daughter said that this looked like something that I would do ...

Heh heh heh!  Yep.


Lisa Lane said...

I love that!!! If you order one...get two, I will pay you for one, Ken needs it! : P I think I would love to meet your daughter...her humor is spot on! Hahahaha

James Zachary said...

Below is a copy-and-paste of my respones when she texted me a photo of the sign with her comments ...

"Oooooooooo I want one! Steal it for me! God will forgive you. (How is that for a campaign promise?)"

Lisa, you would indeed love my Daughter and my Granddaughter; my family's "Down Home" DNA is strong in the both of them. I never have to guess what they think about me (grin). They would love you and Ken.

Lisa Lane said...

That campaign promise is more honest than any I have heard in my lifetime! And I freely admit, that I asked my son to steal something for me was a ridiculous item, that I knew he would never do...LOL...A ginormous pink elephant holding a martini glass in his trunk...he (my son) would have needed a semi to move : P

What a lovely compliment, and I thank you kind sir! One day our paths may yet cross. Ya just never know. : )