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Monday, October 24, 2016

Waffling politicians spouting nothing but baloney always make me hungry for this ...

A good old-fashioned baloney and waffle sandwich; it is seriously delicious; you should give it a try.

Although I am having a bit of a slam at our present political climate with this post, it is also a subtle poke at the insufferable, ever-present, self-important, trolling pedants that sit ready to ejaculate a mouthful of their expertise whenever they find something in the text of a blog that does not measure up to their standards.   Sometimes a blogger grows tired and feels like giving up when the pedants become obsessively overbearing.

Preemptively, for this entry we will point out that it is quite likely that ALMOST EVERYONE in the USA understands by context that BALONEY can mean BOLOGNA when we are speaking in the vernacular.  I cannot remember ever being in a deli where it was not understood "baloney" meant "bologna."

Most all of us know that being told "you are full of baloney" is a polite way of saying, "you are full of shit."  In any case, it would nice to live a good long life without someone pointing out "baloney" may qualify as being somewhat incorrect when referring to food;  we get it; please spare us.  Your superior intellect does not impress everyone; many of us lowbrows with hairy knuckles just think you are full of ... baloney.

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Pumice said...

Another reality about baloney is that you don't want to read the ingredients too closely or you might find that it is full of.... Might I suggest "fecund with feces" as an alternative?

Another one that I like is "defecation database".

Grace and peace