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Thursday, June 29, 2017

HOLSTER REVIEW: Frontline 2202 IWB Holster for Beretta 84 FS Cheetah .380

It does not sit too high and it does not sit too low.  This holster seems to have been designed with some creative input from folks that actually carry the Cheetah for serious business.  I've used this holster often for EDC and I give it high marks.  IMHO, it is probably as good an IWB holster as I am ever going to buy "off the shelf" for the Beretta 84 FS Cheetah.  Besides, not many custom holster makers seem to have this pistol in their library and, to be honest, I just don't feel like taking a chance and investing a couple of hundred dollars into having a custom holster made that may turn out to just plain suck.  For somewhere around $45 out of my pocket, this holster turned out to be a very good value.

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(PHOTO ABOVE) The snaps on the belt loops on this Frontline IWB are not the "directional snaps" that I prefer but they are good quality and are secure enough;  I've been pretty animated while carrying this IWB and I do not recall a snap ever popping unexpectedly.  The holster rides well, hides well, and the pistol stays secure.  I like it.  It works for me.  The holster belt loops are for an 1.5'' belt; belt shown is a MAGPUL Tejas El Original 1.5'' belt.

(PHOTO ABOVE) The leather is good quality and stitching is very decent.  
The extra band of leather at the mouth of the holster is both a sweat-shield and a hold-open that actually works.  Re-holstering the pistol is smooth and instinctive. 

(PHOTO ABOVE) For IWB, my preference is for leather holsters like this with leather straps and quality snaps.
Synthetics just don't work for me.  

(THE TWO PHOTOS ABOVE) Whenever I need to carry the Cheetah in my pants pocket, I simply improvise by using this Frontline IWB holster as a pocket holster.  It fits okay.

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Nick said...

This is awesome IWB holster, I have always been fascinated towards IWB holsters. This one is exactly the same.