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'We the Politicians of the United States, in Order to avoid a more perfect Union, manipulate Justice, destroy domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common offense, promote general Warfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Progeny, do blaspheme and eviscerate this Constitution of the United States of America." ("Zack," circa 1966 -1970)

Monday, January 30, 2012

U.S. Navy takes aim at future conflicts with high-tech rail guns

This contraption sounds like it will make a solid contribution to mankind’s never-ending quest for a more better way to wage war.  It is a sad reality; the best defense often is indeed the possession of a scary-ass offense.  Go Navy!

“Imagine a Naval gun so powerful it can shoot a 5-inch projectile up to 220 miles, yet requires no explosives to fire.”  CLICK HERE to read the full story.

There is no truth to the rumor that Larry Seecamp is working on a pocketsize version of this weapon.

Boycott Apple?

Overseas workers are being exploited, but why target Apple as the sole corporation involved?

It is easy to get caught up in the passion of this issue and I am always willing to vote with my wallet, but after some study and thought, I am of the opinion that Apple is striving to become part of the solution.

Time will tell.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

$3.4 Billion owed to IRS by delinquent federal workers and retirees

To solve this problem, Congress will likely pass another law… exempting them from accountability.

Government has long been out of control.  It is again election year.  Please VOTE.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Study concludes that all you smart peoples are more better than us dumb folks

Yep, this here study cain’t be wrong ‘cause, heck, I found it on the scientific part of the Internet.  That there is proof in and of itself, for certain!

Now, I don’t want you to think for one-down-home-second that I am proud to be locked solidly on the left-hand side of the IQ bell curve, but there is just no denying it.  My sainted Ma and Pa used to shake their heads sorrowfully and mutter “there’s sumpin’ wrong wit dat boy” each time the schoolteachers would show them where I sat on the curve as opposed to where my classmates were perched.  I took several tests during my adulthood and found that there was little change in the score from my early days.  One testing firm even sent me a letter of consolation, fully refunded my fees, and offered a list of low-skill vocations that I could pursue.  By golly, I did find employment in many of those recommended fields.  However, no matter where I worked, everyone was always much smarter than I was. 

Peculiar as it may seem, during my long life I have never met any man or woman who ever claimed to have an average IQ.  Everyone except me has tested near or above the genius level.  Never in all the decades of my adult life have I won an intellectual argument; during an encounter with any of you well-lettered folks, a simple switch from your sophisms to your IQ score instantly vanquishes me.  There just ain’t no denying that those smartness-score-numbers tell the whole truth and, nope, it don’t bother me none.  Face it, without me being all dummied up, you smart folks would have nobody to feel superior to. Besides, I find my two digit IQ score easy to keep track of.  All you brainy folks with the three digit IQs can’t seem to keep them straight; on one online forum I documented a participant bragging his score up in multi-point-increments over several different threads, from a low of 147 all the way up through 265 (which he defended as a typo).  Then there was the time when an out-of-work school administrator, bored by the tedium of standing in the checkout line at Sam’s Club, hooked me into a political debate.  After offering two different IQ scores during the argument, in a fit of frustration he whipped out a card from his wallet “verifying” his membership in an exclusive club of super smart people called “Mensatruaters” or some such.  Goodness sakes alive, there just ain’t no sense in me arguing with that kind of authentication.   All I could offer was my voter’s registration card, to which he snorted, “Dumb people should not be allowed to vote!” In spite of my humiliation, it was an honor for me to brush up against such greatness. The last I saw of him, he was wandering around the parking lot trying to remember where he had parked.

As far as being racist, I freely admit to my not trusting anyone outside of the human race.  Those little green Martians have such big heads that you just gotta know that all they ever think about is sticking their probes inside of our earth women!  Stop them Martians before it is too late or they will pollute our gene pool so badly that all of our children will be born looking like Newt Gingrich.  Mark my words!

Overall, I suppose what puzzles me the most is why things never seem to get any better with all you smart folks running things.  When y’all come up with an answer that can make some sense to someone of such a simple mind, you can find me here, snoozing on the shady side of the tree of knowledge, patiently waiting for whatever comes my way, whether it be horny little green Martian women, sagacity, or the delivery of a twelve-pack of cold beer.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

USA DOJ proves SOPA - PIPA not needed

Advocates say SOPA – PIPA laws are needed to combat piracy.  Many of us suspect that the laws already on the books provide all the tools necessary.  No sooner than the legislative progress on SOPA – PIPA is gummed up in response to Internet activism against SOPA – PIPA, the USA DOJ underscores our suspicions by raiding Megaupload.

When existing laws are not enforced, Congress solves nothing by writing new laws.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The 1/18/2012 SOPA-PIPA BLACKOUT PROTEST is now over

This obscure little eclectic blog site has been locked down for the 24-hours between midnights.  Perhaps it was silly of me to think my participation would have an impact, but it takes many to generate the roar of a hundred thousand hands clapping.  While the monster-sized sites carried the weight of this protest, we fleas at least added to the itch.

So, was it all for naught?  CLICK HERE to read the New York Times view on the protest. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Congressional Annual Merit Pay Increases

Would it not be ever so sweet for TAXPAYERS to have the power to VOTE pay raises for Congress?  No COLA for Congress, no voting themselves pay raises, the TAXPAYERS get to decide if they have earned their keep.  HEH!  It sounds like fun.

When ELECTION TIME rolls around, NOBODY is forced to vote and we seem to get the same old sad lot of career politicians in office.  TAX TIME is another story; participation for the majority of U.S. citizens is not optional and the folks who don’t file their returns face criminal charges.  Since we ALL are familiar with federal tax forms, it would not be much of a burden to have just one more page, or maybe even just another block on an existing page, for us to mark our vote for binding Congressional pay increases.  By golly, I bet that people of the U.S.A. would start looking forward to tax time and that the IRS would have noticeably fewer missing returns to chase down.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goring the Sacred Cow of pork spending on General Aviation Airports

This USA TODAY article paints a picture that partisans may find arguable.  However, Federal Funding of General Aviation is one of many areas that our government needs to take an HONEST look in the mirror and consider making some major changes. 

When talking about the Federal Budget, most of the discussion swings to the select few super-mega-buck items while the other hundreds (if not thousands) of lessor cost special-interest expenditures are blown-off with remarks like “cutting them only saves $Millions or $Billions, we need to find ways to save $TRILLIONS!”  Well, I feel obligated to argue that if we obsessively start cutting a slice of bacon here and there, sooner or later we have gone whole-hog and cut away all of the pork.

“GRANT” and all of its synonyms should be removed from the lexicon of our legislative budget process and replaced with the term “fully securitized, non-forgivable, federal LOAN.”

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Which sucks worse, SOPA or PIPA?

My eyes bleed from reading so much on SOPA and PIPA.  Given that one is a House bill and the other is a Senate bill, it may even be possible to rephrase, “Which party sucks more, Republicans or Democrats?”  To be more polite, let us simply ask which political party favors bigger government and special interests?  It is hard for me to come up with an answer other than “Both major political parties, equally.” I have heard arguments both ways, but remain unconvinced that one party is more righteous than the other.

Are there are enough laws on the books to do most of what the advocates want from SOPA and PIPA?  Possibly, but my humble impression is that the existing laws do not offer raw expediency; Napster was not resolved overnight.  It is (again) my ever humble opinion that issues NOT COVERED BY EXISTING LAWS should be the ONLY things being considered in either bill.   

The sitting POTUS is missing a cherry-pie election-year opportunity on this debacle by not forcefully waving his veto pen at both major political parties. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

CDC bumps murder off list of top killers

Always skeptical of any fully automatic conclusion, I find the possibility of a “more guns less crime” connection quite interesting. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drug testing public aid recipients

I have no problem with that sleepy old idea, except to say that it is wasted on the pale end of the spectrum.  There is a possibility that a modified concept would have a grander fiscal effect, all the while providing us with unceasing social-media entertainment.  I speak of drug-testing those who feed at the higher end of the public money trough, beginning with the President and then on down through the vast herd of federal, state, and local politicians.  Some taxpayers may prefer once-a-week random urine samples of the high-and-mighty, verified by publicly available video, but since we are all used to politicians pissing on us, most would find a poetic attraction to witnessing blood being drawn from the parasites. 

Count on my support if the idea is reconciled to include what I have outlined above. If for nothing more, do it for all the underemployed phlebotomists and their children.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Be wary of those who want you to “do it for the children.”

That ancient appeal outlived all generations of children that it failed.  The principal and accrued interest on those broken promises has yet to be tallied, let alone paid.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Illinois Law requires photo ID and signature to buy drain cleaner

No, I am not kidding.  The law went into effect January 1st.   This is a PRIME example of government gone insane.

Illinois has over 11-million people.  TWO–people in Chicago were attacked with drain cleaner and grievously injured, so our WORLD FAMOUS Illinois Lawmakers decided to protect the other millions of Illinois citizens and go the gun-control route with Drano, Liquid Plumber, and other such household products.  This is a perfect example of lawmakers living by the creed, “we have to do SOMETHING even if it is WRONG!”

Please save us from Illinois lawmakers; QUIT VOTING FOR THESE INCUMBENT IDIOTS, beginning with State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock).  “Do it for the children!”

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oklahoma Mom shotguns home invader

Two guys are trying to break into her locked home while she is inside with her baby.  She is on the phone with a 911 dispatcher for 21-minutes while waiting for the police to arrive.  CNN has the story HERE.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wisconsin government overwhelmed by concealed carry applications

Multiple news sources are carrying the story.  The New Year brings new laws, and there are so many folks wanting to be well heeled that the Wisconsin DOJ will not be able to fill the applications in the timeframe required by law.

My cynical nature wonders how many non-voters and voting-anti-gunners are in this queue of applicants.  Anyhow, I would like to remind our neighbors to the north that Illinois Law is still rabidly anti-concealed-carry and if you get caught carrying on this side of the line you face a Class-4 felony; just something to consider before taking the family to Six Flags or Gurnee Mills. 

The 2011 holiday chores are almost done

It is 2012 so there is no time left to dawdle.  I took down all of the outdoor Christmas decorations yesterday; a cold snap was predicted and I wanted to get it all down before the weather turned vicious and froze everything in place.  Further, a city ordinance says the decorations have to be down within 30-days of the holiday, so I only had until around January 25th.

Everything inside the house was taken down today and put inside the storage boxes.  All that remains is to take the tree and boxes into the basement, and then I can mark this season off my list.


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